The Missing Voices Consortium is an association of Tavse Stemmer DK, Marmoucha NL, and Ulfah Arts UK.

We met at Womex, World Music Expo, in 2007. We formed Missing Voices in 2008, when we discovered that out of many things we have in common, one thing that is close to the heart of us all, is the lack of opportunities for muslim women as musicians. After several meetings and a survey conducted by Ulfah Arts, which showed how many muslim women  have a desire to express themselves artisticly, and how many find it difficult for a variety of reasons. The consortium believes in implementing strategies to encourage the missing voices from the world music scene to come forward.   

We believe that in order to create a level playing field there must be opportunities for women. Once women are empowered and feel confident in using their skills, they can then make a choice whether they want to showcase their talents on a broader platform.

We need to generate support towards and confidence within women to share their ideas and talents, without feeling overwhelmed. A statement of female power and the very point of our existence being as important as men in this world is needed. We hope a sense of freedom to explore and engage will be the outcome.