We took part in Womex (World Music Expo) in Sevilla 2008 with a seminar, outlining our thoughts on the potential in Muslim Women Music Makers. We received amazingly positive response, and our plans were applauded by producers, journalists, venue representatives and politicians alike. In 2009 when Womex is in Copenhagen, we aim to make a bigger presentation, to showcase some of the affiliated artists, and gain an even wider audience for the Missing Voices of the world.


Ulfah Arts

A unique arts development organisation which creates opportunities for Muslim Women in the arts nationally and internationally making visible the contribution they and other members of disengaged communities in Britain make.

Ulfah Arts is a pioneering arts organisation, which acts as an umbrella
to a number of initiatives specialising in faith and arts. This includes
projects such as "Divine Aubergines", "The Ulfah Collective
Choir" and other works to develop audiences and artists for a diverse
range of cultural organisations.

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Together with art centres, theatres and festival programmers Marmoucha organises more than 60 cultural events annually with Moroccan art and culture. Programmes like Diva’s of the Maghreb, LoungeM, Musica Marmoucha, Hafla Anissa, Tamazgha, WAYO and Mega Hafla are a platform for the broad variety of all North African music. The Marmoucha foundation started in 1998, with the organisation of the Marmoucha festival in Paradiso Amsterdam. The aim: to create a stage for Moroccan music played by artists from the Netherlands. By booking well-known artists from Morocco in the programs beside these artists the Dutch North African artists got the possibility of presenting themselves  to a general public. Up to the day of today the events of Marmoucha are the occasion for talents to play together on stage with the musical masters of North Africa.



The World Culture Centre provides a creative platform for various inter-cultural and social activities. In close collaboration with the ethnic cultural life of Copenhagen, we host and organize cultural events such as multi-cultural festivals, lectures, art-exhibitions, concerts, debates, screenings and conferences.