Radiant Arcadia

Although we have Muslim, Jewish and Christian backgrounds, our music is a reflection of our artistic individuality and when fused, creates a unique dimension of music and a further exploration of it.

We hope to please and inspire people and work for equality, reaching out to friendship across all borders and cohesive communities.

Annette Bellaoui: Director
Anne Eltard: Violin
Channe Nussbaum: Singer
Maren Hallberg Larsen: Accordian
Karen Jørgensen: Singer
Anna Tartaczak: Flute
Faridah Busemann: Singer
Anja Præst Mikkelsen: Bass Clarinet/Clarinet
Asil Alkhaldi: Singer
Tira Skamby: Percussion/Drum
Sarah Yaseen: Sufi Singer

World Fusion

Facebook: Radiant Arcadia