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Radiant Arcadia kan bookes gennem Missing Voices ved orkesterleder Annette Bellaoui på eller på mobil 26 22 51 20.

Begge cd'er kan købes ved henvendelse til orkesterleder Annette Bellaoui på eller på mobil 26 22 51 20. Vi sender til ind - og udland.

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Diversity - released August 2018

Diversity - released 2018

This is the second album from Radiant Arcadia, and once again they show what is possible , when you work together, with kindness, skill and determination.

This unique band has here produced their own take on an ancient Ottoman song, a traditional Irish song, an Arabic lovesong, known throughout the Middle East, Mongolian Tuva, a traditional Danish folktune, a Klezmer special, a French song about life, and our version of the oldest Nasheed known in the world.

The album includes 8 songs: 1.Üsküdar, 2. Meshugge, 3. Bean Phaiden, 4. C'est n'importe quoi, 5. Tellings Hopsa, 6. Almaya, 7. Kongurei, 8. Tala Al Badru.

The following musicians contributed to the cd:
Karen Svane Jørgensen (vocal) , Channe Nussbaum (vocal), Salam Susu (harpe), Radia (vocal, frame drum, jews arp), Aoife Scott (vocal, Bodhran), Maren Hallberg Larsen (accordionist), Anja Præst Mikkelsen (clarinet and basclarinet) and Anne Eltard (violin). 

Listen to songs from Diversity here.



The first album from the Copenhagen based band presented the bands truly colourful music; ranging from Bulgarian chants to Sufi mystical, from City Urban Danish music with the 'wawa' of the violin and the rhythm and beat of percussion to the beauty of Arabian femininity. 

The album includes 12 songs:
1.  Greensleeves, 2. Bjørnen, 3. Ya ma mweel, 4. Brude stykkerne, 5.  Allah hoo, 6. bada yatanna, 7. Ima Nema, 8. Ose shalom, 9. Copenhagen skaline, 10. Sov min smukke, 11. I' am in love with love, 12. Yosef.

The following musicians contributed to the cd:
Anna Tartaczak (flute), Anne Eltard (violin), Maren Hallberg Larsen (accordionist), Faridah Busemann (vocal, guitar), Anja Præst Mikkelsen (clarinet and basclarinet), Sarah Yaseen (vocal, percussion), Channe Nussbaum (vocal), Tira Skamby (percussion), Asil Alkhaldi (vocal).

Listen to "Together" at Youtube.